Real yogurt. Real good. Real good for you. Happiness is served.


Craveable Cookies

Sweets treat for the entire family. Come in and try one today.


Specialty Flavored Drinks

Whats Your Mix? Come In And Enjoy A Delicious Flavored Sodas.


 A YOGO a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Delicious Dannon Yogurt

Crafted in Oregon. Packed with Probiotics. Smooth, creamy, and refreshing. Every flavor backed by the National Yogurt Association Seal for Live & Active Cultures.

Weigh & Pay

Load up your cup with a little or a lot. Not quite enough? Head back for one twist more. Too much? We have lids. Put it in the freezer and save a spoonful of happiness for another day.

Something for Everyone

100 calories per serving. Protein packed offerings. Non-dairy options. Every flavor is lactose-safe. Most are gluten-free. No Sugar Added flavors too! We’re your one-stop-dessert-shop.

Sweet Treats | The Original Pink Sugar Cookie and more!

Craveable Cookies

Try The Original Pink Sugar Cookie straight from the Dutchman’s Bakery ovens in Santa Clara, Utah. We’ve loaded the cookie case with Chocolate Chip, Scotcheroo, Chocolate Crinkle, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Peanut Butter. Chilled or warmed. Frosted (pink and chocolate) or not. We stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

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$1 Drinks. Every size. Every day.

Are you a Carbonation Connoisseur?

Coke or Pepsi? Diet or the real thing? Straight up or dirty? Our fountains are flowing with all your fizzy faves. Add a syrup shot (or two or three) or maybe a splash of flavorful fruit puree. Mix it up! (Syrups and purees extra.)

Torani Syrups & Purees

• Banana • Blackberry • Cherry • Cherry Lime
• Chocolate • Coconut • Coconut Sugar Free
• Grape • Green Apple • Grenadine • Lemon
• Lemon-Lime • Lime • Mango • Peach • Pineapple
• Pina Colada • Pomegranate • Raspberry
• Raspberry No Sugar Added • Strawberry
• Tangerine • Vanilla • Vanilla Sugar Free
• Watermelon • and many more!

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